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Capcom to increase number of titles released over each FY

Development-to-launch cycle to be shortened following poor fiscal 2010 performance

Capcom has outlined a number of strategies for its growth going forward, including increasing the number of titles released during each financial year by shortening the "development-to-launch cycle for major titles".

Internal development activities would be made more efficient, said Capcom, with an increased reliance on outsourcing and through "re-examining the use of personnel".

Its development model would be enhanced with overseas alliances, it continued. Although it added that it would primarily be existing franchises that would be outsourced and that Capcom development teams would work closely with these partners to ensure quality.

The caution is likely to have arisen from the retail performances of Bionic Commando and Dark Void, both of which were developed overseas. According to Capcom, the weak sales of both arose from problems with inadequate know-how about supervising outsourced operations, and "overly optimistic plans".

In terms of hardware strategy, Capcom said that it would utilise a more multi-platform approach andincrease its download activities.

It would "increase the number of home video games available for download," it said, and also up development of mobile content, concentrating on iPhone and Android primarily.

The company added that it planned to "increase PC online game development activities" following the success of Monster Hunter Frontier Online on the PC in Japan, starting with an Xbox 360 version due for release in Japan this summer.

Capcom's profits over fiscal 2010 plummeted 73 per cent, while net sales dropped 27 per cent. The performance was attributed to weak sales of some new games.