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Bozek eyeing social games on all formats

Former SingStar lead excited by multiple opportunities for new projects

While Atari is still keeping the covers on Paulina Bozek's new projects, the former SingStar developer has said that she's excited to be looking at the potential of multiformat titles.

Bozek joined Atari six months ago, leaving Sony after six years where she helped to mould the incredibly successful social gaming series SingStar.

And while SingStar was platform exclusive, Bozek's latest titles for Atari are likely to appear on home consoles, online and PC, and will once again continue to explore the potential of social gaming.

“I'm working on a lot of new and exciting things,” said Bozek at the Atari Live event in London.

“I'm very excited about all the developments on many different consoles as well as PC and web.”

“I'm working on something brand new. It's still very much in the social, mass-market space, that's the area that I'm very, very much interested in. And now cross-platform. Or potentially on any platform which could include PlayStation of course,”

Bozek is currently setting up Atari London, which currently only employs a small team, but is expected to ramp up to around 150 staff within two years.

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