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Best Buy officially begins used game sales

US retailer moves trade-in programme into 600 stores nationwide

US budget retailer Best Buy will begin accepting trade-ins of used games for store credit this Sunday, with an initial inventory of 100 games being taken. Used games will be available to buy in store shortly afterwards, once sufficient stock has been accrued.

The company has been accepting game trade ins on its website for some time now, allowing customers to post games free of charge in exchange for Best Buy gift cards. The new scheme will include a $20 bonus payment for a rotating selection of select titles, reports Gamasutra.

The introduction of the store-based exchange system follows hot on the heels of rival store Target's announcement this week that it will be entering the used game market, hoping to have 850 participating stores by the year's end.

The current leader in the US second-hand game market is, by some distance, GameStop. 48 per cent of its $570.8 million (£370.16m) gross profit for the quarter ending 1 May, 2010 came from used game and hardware sales.

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