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Target enters used game market in US

Retail behemoth issuing store credit for used games and electronics

US retailer Target has begun accepting trade-ins of used games, DVDs and electrical goods in its stores and on its website, beginning yesterday in Northern California, with 850 shops planning to take up the scheme by the year end.

The move follows successful similar programs from other major US stores, including budget retailer Best Buy, who started a used-goods exchange last year, and a continued high-margin of profit for second-hand specialists GameStop.

Chief executive of GameStop, Paul Raines, has seemed relatively unconcerned about the competition, recently stating that "we simply have not seen an impact," partly due to the infancy or small scale of competitor's programmes.

The move is a continuation of Target's plans to focus its offering to game buyers, which have seen it revamp electrical departments and increase floorspace recently.

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