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Assassin's Creed actor forms new studio Silver Rain Games

Abubakar Salim teams up with former BAFTA manager Melissa Phillips to create new transmedia universe

The star of Assassin's Creed: Origins has started his own games development studio.

Abubakar Salim voiced the Ubisoft game's protagonist Bayek, and has starred in other video games such as World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth and Bossa Studio's The Bradwell Conspiracy.

Now Salim will serve as creative director at Silver Rain Games, the new studio he has co-founded. The development firm will be working on a brand new games IP.

Salim is joined by Silver Rain's head of studio Melissa Phillips, best known for her time as games programme manager at BAFTA. During this stint, she worked on a series of events and long-running initiatives, including the BAFTA Crew and Young Game Designers competition.

The pair currently lead a team of five, with plans to expand in future. Silver Rain Games is currently in the prototyping stage and seeking both funding opportunities and additional talent.

Although no details have been given yet, the new IP is one of Salim's creation and is designed to expand beyond just video games.

Speaking to, Salim revealed he is also starting two sister production companies that will help him take his new franchise into TV, animated film, and potential comic books.

We're speaking to Salim and Phillips right now as part of our ongoing Rezzed Digital event, and you can watch this discussion below. More details can be found in our full interview here.

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