Transmission Games closes doors - report

Heroes over Europe developer enters voluntary liquidation claim online sources

Australian developer Transmission Games has reportedly been forced into liquidation, according to a report from blog site Kotaku AU - although no official statement has been made by the company.

An administrator has allegedly already been appointed, with all remaining staff having been made redundant. Transmission Games are best known for a serious of arcade flight simulators including Heroes over Europe, Heroes of the Pacific and Heatseeker. The company has also been behind a number of cricket, Australian rules football and equestrian simulators.

The developer has endured considerable financial trouble for some time and was forced to lay off more than 20 staff at the beginning of the month, when a potential deal with LucsasArts - for a tie-in to forthcoming film Red Tails - fell through.

Previous to this, the studio ran into trouble with publisher Red Mile for Heroes over Europe, although the company gained some breathing space when the title was later publisher by Ubisoft. Unfortunately it ended up being released at the same time as surprise hit IL-2 Sturmovik and gained little commercial or critical success as a result.

Previously known as IR Gurus, the Melbourne-based studio has been in operation since 1996, becoming one of Australia's large developers with more than 100 employees at its peak.

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Mat Bettinson Business Development Manager, Tantalus Media12 years ago
This is a terrible terrible shame. The games industry in Melbourne has really been on hard times of late and a high quality outfit like Transmission shutting shop is the worst evidence yet.

Thoughts go out to all those who've lost their livelihoods. Here's hoping publishers will once again realise the benefits of Australian game development and things pick up so new opportunities arise elsewhere.
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I'm very sad to hear this. As a former ex-employee of the company, my best wishes go out to everyone working there - and I'm sure you'll get a position elsewhere soon enough.
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