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Codemasters keeping dialogue open with Transmission team

Publisher sad Australian studio closed and is keen to support any new directions the team may take, says Cousens

UK publisher Codemasters has said that it is currently keeping all possibilities open with former partner Transmission Games – the Australian studio responsible for the Ashes Cricket title which closed last month.

Rod Cousens, CEO of the publisher, said he was saddened to see the end of one of Australia's most successful development studios, and if there's any chance to salvage their work or see the developers reappear back in the business he'd be more than happy to support the team.

"We're always sad when a company has difficulties that either forces it our of business or calls its very viability into question, and we're conscious of the fact that it's a significant developer in Australia - that it employs people and that there are livelihoods at stake," Cousens told

"From our point of view, if we can work with a situation that will see some form of revival or re-emergence in another guise, then we would be as supportive as we can. We continue to maintain a dialogue with all the parties, including the administrator in Australia," he added.

Ashes Cricket 2009 has been one of a number of hits for Codemasters this year, joining titles such as Colin McRae DIRT 2 and Operations Flashpoint: Dragon Rising at the top of the charts. There will be a sequel, confirmed Cousens, and there are back-up plans in place if Codemasters needs to move the series over to an entirely new development team.

"We're very conscious of the fact that we do intend to continue with the Ashes series, and if nothing emerges out of that scenario, then we have alternative development prospects which would see the game continue," he said. "But we sincerely hope that there is an ongoing basis of sorts for the development team that has written the game for us."

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