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Transmission Games vets form Trickstar

New Melbourne studio already has games in production for multiple formats

Veterans of Australian developer Transmission Games have founded a new studio named Trickstar, with projects already planned for most major formats.

Although at the time of writing certain sections of the company's website are not functioning, it does indicate that the developer has "a number of exciting new games in production".

Support for the Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, iPhone, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade are all implied on the website.

Best known for arcade flight simulators such as Heroes of the Pacific, Heatseeker and Heroes over Europe, Transmission Games also created a number of equestrian, AFL and other sports sims aimed primarily at the Australian market.

Initially founded as IR Gurus in 1996, the Melbourne based studio - once the largest in Australia - experienced a number of setbacks with publisher support for its titles, leading to a number of rounds of layoffs and eventual closure in October 2009.

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