Mythic tries damage control following Barnett's "sarcastic" EA comments

Developer was exaggerating when he declared "EA know nothing about launching MMOs in Europe", says Mythic boss

Mythic Entertainment co-founder Mark Jacobs has doused "sarcastic" accusations made by Paul Barnett yesterday that EA "know nothing about launching MMOs in Europe".

Barnett had said that this was the reason behind the GOA partnership in Europe, as the company had years of experience with MMOs that EA could not hope to replicate.

"Well first you've got to understand that Paul is Paul. He's very sarcastic. He tries to be very funny - he usually is. He can be a bit irreverent," Jacobs told our sister site

"What Paul said about EA not knowing anything about launching MMOs: you know, Paul likes to exaggerate - of course EA knows things about launching MMOs. EA is responsible, certainly, for one of the most important MMOs of all time, and that was Ultima [Online].

"We had done a deal with GOA before EA bought us. So the idea that we went with GOA because supposedly EA doesn't know anything about doing online games is just not true. There was no EA in the picture," said Jacobs.

Owned by EA, Mythic is one of the publisher's key studios, and Barnett looks to have gone off message only days before the company's biggest MMO title is due to go live.

Warhammer Online launches tomorrow in Europe, and pre-orders have already meant shipping 1.5 million copies of the MMO. This, insisted Jacobs, was a carefully chosen number that could sell out but never overwhelm the game servers.

The full interview with Mark Jacobs can be found on now.

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Mat Bettinson Business Development Manager, Tantalus Media11 years ago
Heh, quality. So they went with GOA because they had a lock in deal. Who, it seems, went on to do an astronomically bad job of launching the MMO...

Reckon Barnett might want to leave the talking to Jacobs :)
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Mat Bettinson Business Development Manager, Tantalus Media11 years ago
I meant the open beta but you're of course right in saying that's not the launch.
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