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Christopher Dring is a games business veteran, beginning in QA in 2007 before joining UK busines publication MCV in 2007. He rose up to editor, a role he held for five years, before joining as publisher in 2016. He has contributed to Develop, BBC, The Observer and Sky News. He's also the architect behind events such as the 100, the Marketing Summit and the Best Places To Work Awards. He is currently head of B2B for all of ReedPop, which covers, b2b events at PAX and EGX, plus other special projects. He also frequently writes for Doctor Who Magazine. Because Doctor Who is awesome.

Recent articles by Christopher Dring

Peter Moore, Brenda Romero, John Romero and more join GI Live: Online

Team17 CEO Debbie Bestwick, UKIE boss Dr Jo Twist and NDreams' Nadine Oehmcke also set for April show

By Christopher Dring

PlayStation's commitment is a huge boost to the VR market | Opinion

Far from being a distraction to PlayStation's core strategy, VR is very much a part of it

By Christopher Dring

VR specialist NDreams becomes a third-party publisher with $2 million fund

The UK company's internal development team will also support partner studios

By Christopher Dring

Nintendo delivered a strong Direct, but fan impatience grows | Opinion

They may be in the minority, but Nintendo's most loyal fanbase is key to a long life cycle for the Switch

By Christopher Dring

Valve to advise indie developers at GI Live: Online

Ian Livingstone and Hiro Capital also to host an indie dev roundtable

By Christopher Dring

GoldenEye, Mario and how to succeed in the world of nostalgia

There's a huge market of 30-somethings eager to replay the games from their youth, but getting it right can be hard

By Christopher Dring

Yooka-Laylee developer Playtonic launches publishing division

Playtonic Friends signs three games but says 'this isn't about driving our revenue growth'

By Christopher Dring

"Arcades are a crucial part of the history of video games"

Leading video game museums discuss preserving gaming history at the launch of Team17's Saving The Arcade World campaign

By Christopher Dring

Xbox Series S/X was the No.1 console of January | UK Monthly GfK Charts

More than half of all boxed games sold were for Nintendo Switch

By Christopher Dring

Minecraft boss Helen Chiang joins GI Live: Online

Twitch, Makers Fund, Galaxy Interactive and more investors join April event

By Christopher Dring

Digital downloads jumped 47% across Europe in 2020 | European Annual Report

AAA publishers report that nearly 60% of their game sales in 2020 were digital

By Christopher Dring

Activision veteran David Tyler joins Tencent

Former Call of Duty marketing leader takes Global Marketing role at the world's biggest games conglomerate

By Christopher Dring

Oculus co-founder's new studio Mountaintop attracts $5.5 million in investment

The company now boasts 20 employees with experience from major studios

By Christopher Dring

Hitman and Mario Kart developers to speak at new industry event

GI Live: Online is from the teams behind and EGX Rezzed, set for April 14th - 16th

By Christopher Dring

Google needs to think smaller about games streaming | Opinion

Stadia should never have been billed as a major console rival

By Christopher Dring

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