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James Batchelor has been a journalist in the games industry since 2006, and joined GamesIndustry in 2016. He previously served as editor of Develop and deputy editor of MCV, and has managed industry events such as The Develop Awards and Interface conference.

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How to build a Bandersnatch

Developers shares advice on how to create interactive movie games that can stand toe-to-toe with Black Mirror's latest

By James Batchelor

Starbreeze delays Overkill's The Walking Dead on console

Troubled publisher pushes game beyond its planned February release, more information “at a later date”

By James Batchelor

The Bandersnatch effect

Netflix's Black Mirror outing has everyone talking about interactive fiction -- but what does this mean for the game developers who got there first?

By James Batchelor

Ex-Infinity Ward developers open new studio Winterborn

Seattle-based indie creating tactical RPG based on homemade tabletop game

By James Batchelor

Ubisoft apologises for forcing heterosexual romance in Assassin's Creed Odyssey DLC

Publisher explains story-based decision behind relationship but admits it was “poorly executed”

By James Batchelor

IO Interactive opens new studio in Malmö

Second studio will support Hitman series and enables IOI to develop “new universes, new franchises”

By James Batchelor

Nintendo of Europe issues formal warning to Russia boss after investigation

But platform holder says accusations of harassment by general manager Yasha Haddaji remain unsubstantiated

By James Batchelor

Take-Two and NBA extend partnership in $1.1bn deal

Multi-year licensing agreement enables 2K to continue making its best-selling basketball game

By James Batchelor

The Podcast: What now for Activision?

Latest episode available to download now, in which we discuss a post-Destiny Activision and its need for new IP

By James Batchelor

Fortnite was Europe's most played Switch game of 2018

World-conquering battle royale consumes more hours than Pokémon, Mario and Zelda

By James Batchelor

UK Charts: New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe takes No.1 in quiet week

Little movement in the Top 10 as retail awaits bigger Q1 releases

By James Batchelor

UK industry braces for no-deal Brexit

How developers, publishers and more are preparing for the worst following next week's vote

By James Batchelor

Mike Morhaime fully departs Blizzard this April

Long-serving exec is currently in advisory role, but will give up these responsibilities later this year

By James Batchelor

Call of Duty has made more money than the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars

Activision release about presidential appointments reveals best-selling shooter franchise trumps box office takings of Hollywood hits

Former Blizzard employee alleges racism and discrimination drove him to leave

Jules Murillo-Cueller says abuse triggered panic attacks, nervous breakdowns and even plans for suicide

By James Batchelor

“TV doesn't trust games enough”

Go 8 Bit creator Steve McNeil discusses why broadcasters still struggle to embrace the power of video games

By James Batchelor

Everyday bisexuality in video games

Fragments of Him developer Mata Haggis-Burridge on why non-hetero characters should be defined by more than sex

By James Batchelor

The Podcast: What we expect from 2019

Latest episode available to download now, in which we speculate on the year ahead

By James Batchelor

"Not enough evidence" that screen time is harmful to children

UK's first screen time guidance report recommends parents manage gaming and TV sessions based on kids' individual needs

By James Batchelor

Bonnie Ross: "Diversity attracts diversity"

343 Industries boss on the need to present technology as a creative field to more young women and minorities

By James Batchelor

Rebellion acquires TickTock Games

Yorkshire-based studio will be rebranded Rebellion North

By James Batchelor

Number of Steam users with VR headsets almost doubled in 2018

But still only represents 0.8% of leading marketplace's total audience

By James Batchelor

Reselling unauthorised game keys now illegal in Japan

UPDATE: Law amended to combat illegitimate serial code sales in online auctions, penalty ranges from ¥5 million fine to jail sentence

By James Batchelor

What is the industry looking forward to in 2019?

Most anticipated games, sporting victories, disruption, innovation and more on leaders' wishlists

By James Batchelor

Star Control creators block Origins release

Stardock denied injunction against Ford and Reiche's DMCA notice, title removed from GOG and Steam

By James Batchelor

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