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James Batchelor has been a journalist in the games industry since 2006, and joined GamesIndustry in 2016. He previously served as editor of Develop and deputy editor of MCV, and has managed industry events such as The Develop Awards and Interface conference.

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The Podcast: PlayStation 5 vs disc-less Xbox

Will the future of consoles be defined by Sony's SSD, Microsoft's digital focus, or Capcom's corporate branded arcade panel?

By James Batchelor

Blizzard: "We're crafting stories for a global audience so our team needs to reflect that"

Director of story George Kristic on the Overwatch team's story dojos, lack of yes men, and why he wants more games with animated series

By James Batchelor

Line-up revealed for Stand Up for GamesAid comedy night

This year, Imran Yusuf is joined by Shoot From The Hip, John Moloney and more

By James Batchelor

Miyazaki vs Ueda: The path to compelling fantasy

Renowned Japanese developers discussed their differences at Reboot Develop, including opposing philosophies on animation and setting

By James Batchelor

Disc-less Xbox One leaks ahead of expected reveal

Digital-only console will be priced at €229.99, comes bundled with Minecraft, Sea of Thieves and Forza Horizon 3

By James Batchelor

How Clone Wars and Rebels influenced Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Writer Chris Avellone shares how he prepared to work on Respawn Entertainment's upcoming Star Wars adventure

By James Batchelor

Reboot Develop dates 2020, Uni and Canada conferences

Boutique developer conference will debut in North America this October, welcomes students to new event in Croatia next April

By James Batchelor

Over half of HQ Trivia staff tried to oust CEO

Co-founder Rus Yusupov survived demands for his removal, but the search for a replacement chief has begun

By James Batchelor

The Podcast: Why does Activision need pregnancy data?

Latest episode available to download now, also discusses age ratings on Google Play and (yes) accessibility for Sekiro

By James Batchelor

Xbox: Stadia has the infrastructure, but doesn't have the content

Platform holder suggests recently announced streaming service will struggle without more leading developers and publishers on board

By James Batchelor

Telltale's The Walking Dead "made Skybound what it is"

Skybound Stories CEO Dan Murray says episodic game had more impact on the company than the TV show

By James Batchelor

BBC Studios and hosting Changing Channels conference next month

Free one-day event will see Go 8 Bit's Steve McNeil, Lego, Amazon and more exploring the convergence between the games and TV industries

By James Batchelor

"Find your tribe but reach out to everybody"

Developers offer advice to minorities seeking support during diversity panel at the Career Fair

By James Batchelor

Brenda Romero's guide to becoming a game designer

The Wizardry developer shared insight into this crucial role during last week's Career Fair

By James Batchelor

60% of Greater Southeast Asia gamers are "strongly drawn to esports"

New Niko Partners report finds 42% of players from the region prefer competitive arena titles, spend the most on games

By James Batchelor

IGDA's Jen MacLean stepping down

Executive director will be temporarily replaced by association's board chair Lucien Parsons

By James Batchelor

Sold Out and Epic offering up to $500,000 in The Unreal Box Offer

UK publisher seeking games that "feel fresh in a genre that isn't overcrowded" as it teams up with engine provider

By James Batchelor

Keywords' 2018 revenues surpass €250m

Growing services empire has "healthy pipeline of acquisition opportunities" lined up

By James Batchelor

Valve finally tackles review bombing as Borderlands 2 attacked over Epic exclusivity

Last week's work of user scores discounted under Steam's new 'off-topic review activity' system

By James Batchelor

UK Charts: The Division 2 retakes No.1 in quiet week

Last week's chart-topper Yoshi drops to No.3, leading four Switch exclusives in the Top Ten

By James Batchelor

The Podcast: Shrinking second-hand sales and BioWare blues

Latest episode available to download now, also shares some of the highlights (so far) of EGX Rezzed 2019

By James Batchelor

John Romero: "There are always people who question games that push the boundaries"

At the Careers Fair, the id Software co-founder discusses the patterns he's noticed emerging throughout his career

By James Batchelor

Jam City establishes foothold in Europe with 231 Play acquisition

Founders of Berlin studio will join Jam City, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery dev now has eight studios

By James Batchelor

Nintendo adds VR support for Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda: Breath of the Wild

New modes will be introduced around the launch of Labo virtual reality kit

Avalanche: "The industry is going to calm down on tech and focus on creativity"

Senior technical designer Hamish Young expects future games will shift towards inventiveness - from both the studio and the players

By James Batchelor

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