Re-Logic won't "sell our souls" with Epic Games Store exclusivity

VP Whitney Spinks assures Terraria developer's audience that it won't follow trend for PC exclusives

Terraria developer Re-Logic has stated that it will never allow any of its games to be exclusive to the Epic Games Store, comparing the choice to do so to "selling our souls."

Speaking on Twitter, Re-Logic vice president Whitney Spinks addressed what she described as "confusion" around the company's stance on exclusivity.

"Since there seems to be confusion -- No Re-Logic title will ever be an Epic Store exclusive," Spinks said. "There is no amount of money we could be offered to sell our souls."

Exclusivity has been a hot topic since the emergence of the Epic Games Store, and the raft of deals that followed as Epic attempted to gain traction in a marketplace dominated by Steam. This has included AAA games like Borderlands 3 and The Division 2, but also smaller games from independent studios.

The point that smaller studios might need the kind of money being offered by Epic was raised in response to Spinks' statement, as was Re-Logic's relative financial security due to the huge success of Terraria.

"For us it would be [selling our souls] and I was speaking for us," Spinks replied. "I can understand indies taking advantage of free money."

Terraria had reached 20 million sales as of May, 2017

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By Haydn Taylor

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