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Re-Logic donating $100,000 to Godot and FNA in response to Unity backlash

Developer said a "simple public statement" was not enough

Terraria developer Re-Logic has donated $100,000 to open-source engines Godot and FNA, and will continue to sponsor the companies with $1,000 a month.

The Indiana-based developer's decision is in response to the controversy surrounding Unity's proposed Runtime Fee policy, which would see developers charged for every install of their games past certain thresholds.

Sharing the news on X, Re-Logic said it felt a "simple public statement" was insufficient.

"Even if Unity were to recant their policies and statements, the destruction of trust is not so easily repaired," the developer wrote. "We strongly feel that it is now equally important to get behind some of the other up-and-coming open source game engines."

All Re-Logic asked of Godot and FNA in return is to "remain good people and keep doing all that they can to make these engines powerful and approachable for developers everywhere."

The developer added: "Re-Logic has always been supportive of game developers and indie studios that do things the right way. We feel that our actions in this moment are the best way to carry that mission forward — by accelerating and strengthening competing open source game engines, we hope to empower and assist studios that are struggling with how best to proceed given recent events."

Since its original announcement, Unity has apologised for the "confusion and angst" that its proposed policy has caused among the games industry, and will share changes in the coming days.

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