UK magazines GamesTM and GamesMaster to close

Multiformat magazines axed

Video games media specialists Future will close two of its multiformat magazines.

GamesTM and GamesMaster are producing their final issues. Staff who worked on these publications are being 'redeployed' within the company.

GamesMaster has been running for 25 years and say it's 'the UK's biggest multiformat magazine'. GamesTM is also a multiformat product and has been running since 2002. It was originally owned by Imagine Publishing, but the entire Imagine portfolo was acquired by Future in 2016.

"Despite the company's strong performance overall, unfortunately games™ and GamesMaster are no longer profitable parts of the business, which means that their next issues, on sale November 1st, will be the final editions," Future said in a statement.

"The decision was an extremely difficult one, but everyone here is enormously proud of what the magazines have achieved in their lifetimes - an incredible 25 years in GamesMaster's case - and we are currently redeploying affected staff within the company."

Future still operates the popular multiformat consumer magazine Edge, as well as the Official Xbox and PlayStation publications, PC Gamer, Retro Gamer and MCV. Plus a number of websites, including Gamesradar.

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Andrew Mehta Director, United Games Limited3 years ago
I believe there was much potential left, and that addressing issues with newsstand distribution, retail listing fees, online sales and advertising would all have helped profitability. Both excellent mags, well produced, and am sad to see them go. They're very well respected brands, and I will be interested to see if any use is made of them as brands in due course.
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