2K Games veteran launches new marketing agency Attract Mode

Matthias Wehner returns to Germany to start new venture with Remote Control Productions

German games firm Remote Control Productions has teamed up with a long-serving marketing executive to launch Attract Mode, a digital marketing agency.

The new business will be led by managing director Matthias Wehner, who has spent more than a decade working with 2K Games and Rockstar Games on their blockbuster titles, including BioShock, Borderlands, NBA 2K and more.

Wehner originally handled local marketing for Take-Two's releases in Munich, including the Grand Theft Auto games, before moving to London in 2005 to take on the role of International Marketing Director. Two years later he received another promotion and moved to 2K's corporate headquarters near San Francisco.

The launch of Attract Mode marks his return to Germany, and he will work closely with the Remote Control Productions team to grow this new business.

"While working in the San Francisco Bay area, I experienced the rapid evolution in digital marketing at the forefront and applied the learnings directly to my marketing management," said Wehner.

"Now I am excited to transfer this expertise to Attract Mode and build an agency which will take a community-driven marketing approach to deliver outstanding performance for our clients."

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Take-Two have the best structure and most organised form in the industry- wholly owned independently run publishing labels with their own development studios, franchises, strategies, technologies with zero synergy and overlaps (except mobile) albeit still be owned by one company who does the sales and marketing. Good luck to this Take-Two veteran on his new venture.
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Keith Mitchell Editor in chief, The Outerhaven ProductionsA year ago
Is there an URL for the new organization or a way to get in touch with them?
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