PlayStation Vita game production will continue in Japan

Sony confirms physical games will still be released in home market beyond March 2019

The PlayStation Vita may be winding down in the West, but it's been given an extended lease of life at home in Japan.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Sony Interactive Entertainment announced it would "end all Vita GameCard production" at its US and European arms. Production is expected to stop by March 31, 2019 - the end of the fiscal year - but it appears this does not apply to the East.

In a Q&A with Japanese gaming news site GameSpark, translated by Siliconera, Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed that: "PlayStation Vita cartridge production will continue in Japan."

There was no information on how long it might continue, but it means Vita games will at least be a continuing business for Sony Japan in fiscal 2019.

When asked if production of the console itself would continue, Sony was a little more cagey.

"In Japan, users will get to continue enjoying the broad line-up of titles, and we currently plan to continue marketing activities," the spokesperson said.

This doesn't really explain whether or not the manufacturing will end, but at the very least it means Sony will still be pushing for Vita to have a visibile presence in Japanese games stores.

Sony also reiterated that digital games will still be available via the PlayStation Store in the Americas and European regions.

Rob Fahey dedicates his column this week to reflecting on the legacy of the PlayStation Vita. While the handheld console has not been a commercial success per se, it has introduced innovations to the industry that have paved the way for other platforms - most notably, Nintendo Switch.

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