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$12m of Epic Games' Paragon assets now free to all developers

Unreal Engine provider offers character models, animations, environments and more ahead of next month's shutdown

Paragon may be doomed in its current form, but Epic Games is giving Unreal Engine users the tools to further its legacy with a mass of free assets.

Earlier this year, the company decided it would shut down the MOBA on April 26th in order to free up more resources for the hugely popular Fortnite. Today, Epic announced it would share the game's assets, so developers can build on this work in their own way.

The engine provider estimates that more than $12m worth of assets are on offer, centred around the character models, animations, skins, VFX and dialogue for all 20 hero characters.

There are also over 1,500 environment components from Paragon's various maps, as well as a sample map for testing purposes and Blueprint for character animations, which is attached to the hero Shinbi.

The assets are free to download from the Unreal Engine Marketplace, and Epic Games promises to be releasing more Paragon asset packs throughout the summer.

The idea is that Unreal Engine 4 users will be able to use these assets to learn from how Epic Games built Paragon, and also test their own concepts if they plan to make similar characters, systems and environments.

Meanwhile, the success of Fortnite continues. The newly-released free-to-play iOS version has already hit No.1 in the charts cross 13 countries, including the UK and US.

Find out how to kick start your games industry career

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