Wargaming opens mobile publishing division

Mobile program free for six months "with no obligations", UPDATE: Will cover Unreal licensing costs

Free-to-play developer Wargaming has expanded its business into mobile development and publishing. The new Wargaming Mobile website reveals that the company will utilize Amazon's web services and GameLift along with analytics from AppsFlyer and DeltaDNA.

In addition, "The partnership between Wargaming and Epic Games grants all members of the Wargaming Mobile Publishing Program access to professional support via the Unreal Developer Network as well as the attention of Epic's marketing, PR and community teams to help ensure the greatest possible chance of success for your title."

While Wargaming will look to bring some of its own IP into the mobile world, the company wants to help other developers with a free six-month period, no strings attached. "Pending KPI performance Publishing Program membership can be extended an additional 6 months," Wargaming notes. "Great product performance will grant access to our mobile F2P expertise, funded marketing campaigns, and the opportunity to receive financial support for later development stages."

Developers in Wargaming's Mobile Publishing program will retain full ownership of their IP. Wargaming says it's looking to publish games that feature innovative gameplay ideas, quality graphics, competitive-oriented mechanics, RPG elements, collectible elements, clear in-game progression and either synchronous or asynchronous gameplay. Developers do not have to meet all the criteria, however. For more information on how to apply, check out the Wargaming Mobile site.

UPDATE: Epic Games has clarified that the partnership with Wargaming will see the World of Tanks firm covering Unreal Engine licensing costs for developers publishing through its new mobile division.

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By Haydn Taylor

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