Humble Bundle adds game library to subscription service

Humble Trove gives subscribers constant access to a library of DRM-free games, including Humble Originals and more

Humble Bundle has expanded its monthly subscription service, now offering its users access to a library of DRM-free games.

The company launched its subscription service in October 2015. For $12 a month, Humble Bundle would send subscribers a collection of games, selected by the company but largely a mystery until they arrived. At the time, the service was pitched as "a new type of offering outside of our traditional pay-what-you-want bundles."

This evolution of the subscription service has been branded Humble Trove - "a treasure trove of DRM-free games," the company said, including all of the games released under the Humble Originals label and an unspecified number of other DRM-free games.

The key difference seems to be transparency. In the previous version of Humble's subscription service, being surprised at what games you received each month was a core aspect of the experience. With Trove, it's now possible to see the library of content, a library that will presumably get bigger and bigger over time.

At the time of writing there were 19 games in Humble Trove, which you can see here.

Charitable donations are at the core of all of the work that Humble Bundle does. Last month, founder John Graham told us that it has now given $95 million to various causes.

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