Updated: GTA V has generated 240m in the UK

Not including digital sales

Updated: UKIE has revealed that GTA V has generated 240m since it debuted in September 2013 - and that is in physical sales alone.

The game, which was developed by Rockstar North in Edinburgh, has contributed more to the British economy than any other single game. To put that figure into context, the entire physical software market was worth 904m in 2015.

Original Story: Grand Theft Auto V has sold 6m copies in the UK alone (and that's only counting boxed figures).

It's the best-selling boxed game in UK history, and 2m more than its nearest competitor

The latest GfK/UKIE figures show that the game has spent a record-breaking 130 weeks in the Top Ten (out of a possible 170).

The game was released on September 17th, which means that GTA V has sold over 3.5 games a minute since it was released - which works out as 210 copies an hour, 5,050 games a day, 35,356 games a week, and 153,846 titles a month.

That 6m figure is roughly 9.28% of the British population, although - of course - these sales include both the 360/PS3 versions and the Xbox One/PS4 versions, so there will be a number of duplicates in there.

The data doesn't factor in sales of the digital versions of the game, including the Steam version. So the actual number of GTA V sales in the UK is likely to be much, much higher.

All data courtesy of GfK/UKIE.

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