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Ubisoft's Frag Dolls disband

Female gaming team shuts down after almost 11 years

Ubisoft's all female professional gaming team, the Frag Dolls, is no more. Today the group announced it was disbanding after close to 11 years in the industry.

"The most precious moments - the ones most likely to earn ugly crying tears of gratitude at our desks at work - were when our simple existence as a team of professional gamers gave other female gamers reason to question assumptions they'd made about themselves," the Frag Dolls posted online.

"Those assumptions about what kind of things that they, as women, should love, how they should spent their time, the careers they should dream about. Through 11 years and an ever-changing roster, we were united and spurred on by those messages from other women thanking us for inspiring them to try something new, to start their own team, to play in a tournament, or to pursue a job in the industry."

The Frag Dolls also established the Cadette program that helped female gamers find work experience in the industry. The scheme supported over 80 people who went on to work with EA, 2K, Wargaming, Blizzard, Nintendo, Obsidian, Riot, Bungie, Twitch, Microsoft, Oculus Rift, BioWare, Machinima, Astro, and Ubisoft.

"Ubisoft deserves our deep gratitude for their 10+ years of support for the team. They could have shut us down after the first year or two as a fun marketing experiment. But instead, they continued to say "OK' to our ideas and give us the resources we needed when we needed them most."

The Frag Dolls brand was founded in 2004 with seven members, Brookelyn, Eekers, Jinx, Katscratch, Rhoulette, Seppuku, and Valkyrie. Teams were later also established in the UK and France.

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Latest comments (5)

Jeremy Meyer VIP Services Host 6 years ago
It was a great group of women gamers that actually played games and was not just a group of pretty girls playing a marketing role for UbiSoft. I played with and against them a few times and tip my hat to all of them.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.6 years ago
Sadly I've never even heard of them until now. Sounds like they were doing a good service to the industry. But that just makes me wonder why Ubisoft is disbanding the group.
6Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Farhang Namdar Lead Game Designer Larian Studios 6 years ago
Missed opportunity for GI, could've covered them while they were still around!
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 6 years ago
I miss Frag Doll Friday's on Xbox Live, although I only got to play with members twice because of how popular they were back during the original Xbox days. And they were quite good too, so it wasn't just about looks. They were legit hardcore gamers.
1Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Emily Knox Associate Designer, CCP Games6 years ago
Wow, I had missed this story and I'm pretty surprised to hear they've stopped. I still look back fondly to an audition day for the UK branch of the Frag Dolls I attended years ago. I was a teen back then and it was the first time in my life I met other women who played video games - I remember we played a few rounds of Halo 2 with the ladies in the US, who promptly wiped the floor with us :)

Best of luck to all of the members who came and went over the years, sad to hear the group is disbanded.
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