App Store removes "Free" from game descriptions

Apple follows Google's lead, now uses "Get" for download button on freemium titles

Apple has changed the way freemium games are labelled on its mobile and desktop App Store.

Until now, when a user was faced with a freemium title like, say, Candy Crush Saga, the button to download it was marked with "Free." Now, that label has changed to "Get." The App Store's front page has also dispensed with any category or collection of games based on the Freemium model. Apple has offered no official explanation for the move.

The context for the decision is clear, however. The way freemium games are presented and sold to the public, particularly on mobile devices, has been under scrutiny for much of this year, with the EU Commission leading the charge and several court cases highlighting the key issues.

However, in July this year the EU Commission reserved its praise only for Android, which removed the use of the word "Free" to describe freemium games on the Google Play store. Apple, on the other hand, offered, "no concrete or immediate solutions," a situation the Commission described as, "regrettable."

Thanks Techcrunch.

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Robert Mac-Donald Game Designer, Lethe Games4 years ago
A good step in doing what is right for the consumer (from both ethical and practical points), and maybe now paid applications will be able to compete better against "get" with in app purchases ones. It would be best if 100% free games retained the free button title though.

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Gary LaRochelle Digital Artist / UI/UX Designer / Game Designer, Flea Ranch Games4 years ago
IMO, a game should not be labeled "Free" unless you can make it all the way through the game without having to pay a cent. If the game requires micro-transactions to complete the game, it should be labeled something like"F:MT" (Free with Micro-Transactions).
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Nicholas Lovell Founder, Gamesbrief4 years ago
I think this change will make no difference. It's a fascinating experiment in whether the power of Free! lies in the word (it's FREEEEEE!) or in the concept (you can download it for free, you can play forever for free, you can tell your friends and they can try it for free, you can pay if you find something you value in it).

My money is on it making no difference. I'm really interested in the result.
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@Nicholas I agree I doubt it'll shift the needle much, you could even argue "get" is a pretty positive, enticing word to have sitting beside your shiny app icon.

I assume they changed *all* non-paid apps to 'get' so that they wouldn't have to parse whether, fr'instance, an ad-supported app is free or not - lots of headaches there.
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