Titanfall beta gets 2 million players

Respawn confident that its Xbox One exclusive will avoid launch-day problems

Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall attracted around 2 million players to its beta on Xbox One.

Speaking to Polygon, Jon Shiring, Titanfall's lead engineer, said that the stability of the beta under such demand indicates that the game should avoid the problems that have blighted other AAA releases with significant online features.

"The most important thing for us on launch day is making sure that Microsoft's Xbox Live compute platform can scale up as high as we need it to," Shiring said. "Alpha proved that the tech works. Beta, the thing we wanted to test was what happens when you scale it really high, see what breaks and then fix that so we don't have to find out on launch day.

Shiring admitted that the game did suffer major problems for a single seven-hour period as the team pushed the number of concurrent players higher. However, the lessons learned from that experience will help Respawn avoid further issues on launch day.

"People are expecting the game to have problems, and I want to make sure that it doesn't. I want to do everything I can to make sure that it launches well," he said. "The Xbox Live compute platform is all brand new. Forza used it a little bit, but they weren't as reliant on it as we are. The game is completely reliant on it. If it's down, nobody can play.

Titanfall has been one of the most anticipated console games since it swept the E3 awards last year. Titanfall launches worldwide in the week starting March 10, 2014.

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Morville O'Driscoll Blogger & Critic 3 years ago
Respawn confident that its Xbox One exclusive will avoid launch-day problems
That's an interesting by-line isn't it? Heavily implies it's being released on XOne only, rather than XOne and PC.
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Eoin Moran Studying Bachelor of Engineering, University of Melbourne3 years ago
So does this 2 million include PC players or just xbox one? Either way, that's an awful lot of players
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Brian Lewis Operations Manager, PlayNext3 years ago
It is also intersting to note that both servers (Xbox + PC) had the same initial problem (too much load) but that the xbox servers recovered faster, and were made open to all days before the PC servers were able to do the same thing. Either the PC demand was just that much higher, or they had very different priorities for fixing this issue on PC vs Xbox.
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Barrie Tingle Live Producer, Maxis3 years ago
@Brian, that is because servers for Xbox One are Microsoft based and Microsoft wanted to push the system with Respawn. I was in the Xbox One Beta from day one and like you say, the servers were quickly sorted on the console, I played a bit of PC Beta too and must have been lucky because I didn't have any issues there.
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Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd3 years ago
@ Barrie Actually Microsoft is running the PC servers as well.

@ Matthew Hadrahan Let's not spread the myth of "console exclusivity" as if PC players exist in some weird alternate reality where they don't count.
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Nick Wofford Hobbyist 3 years ago
Eh, console exclusivity might as well be exclusive. There's not much overlap between people who play AAA games on PC and consoles. If someone has a PC that can run Titanfall, they have no reason to own any console (unless they want to shell out hundreds for a few games).

There are a ton of people who don't care that a game is available on PC, as long as they know it's not on another console.
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 3 years ago
I would have loved to have been in on the beta. I even got a beta invite(before it became an opened beta) but there was no testing for the 360 version. If there remains to be no 360 beta version before launch I think we should worry a bit because something is almost guaranteed to go wrong during launch.
So does this 2 million include PC players or just xbox one?
I was wondering the same thing too, especially considering that the XBO has reportedly only sold between 3-4 million units so far. I find it hard to believe that half the people who own the system ended up playing the beta. I suppose its possible but like you said it's probably a mix of XBO and PC players. Had they allowed a 360 version they would have easily gotten 4 million+ players.
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Curt Sampson Sofware Developer 3 years ago
Nick, exclusives serve the same purpose on PC players as they do on console players: convince the person to buy a given console. And it does work; Sony exclusives are a big reason why I kept my PS3 after switching to PC as my primary gaming platform, and why I'm likely to buy a PS4 at some point (though that may be a few years down the road).
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Eric Leisy VR Production Designer, Nike3 years ago
@ Paul - I think if you consider the dearth of content currently available on the Xbox One - that is REAL core game content - I don't find it that surprising that half of the Xone owners played the beta. People are starving for game content. I had between very little to zero interesting in Titan Fall (I tend to not get excited about FPS) - however, there is so little else to actually do on my XONE besides watch netflix... I figured why not download this thing. I'm sure a lot of people downloaded the beta who wouldn't normally flock to something like that.

On another note: I'm glad I did, I rather enjoyed it.
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Adam Jordan Community Manager, Ubisoft3 years ago
And quite rightly so that the game has that many players, the game is fricking awesome and that's coming from someone who isn't a fan of fast paced FPS multi-player combat.

The folks at Respawn have certainly out done themselves and it's awesome to see them packing a punch from the get go

I do sense the number would be about the same PC, though I can imagine 2 million on Xbone alone due to the open beta, sure the PC went open soon after but I think the issues with the code emails might have frustrated a few people when it came to the PC side. I was one of them but thankfully a friend had a code spare but from what I have seen regarding reception of the game and the actual positive responses for the game..I can only see that number growing.

Unless they keep that sorry excuse of a Smart Pistol in the game without tweaking it...that damn thing is such an insta-win button -_-

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Adam Jordan on 26th February 2014 10:57am

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