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Mojang not looking to sell out

Minecraft maker says it has turned down offers from almost every major gaming company in the world

The makers of Minecraft struck gold, but they're not looking to sell the claim. Speaking with Reuters, Mojang's founders said the 25-person developer has turned down numerous acquisition bids, and has no plans to go public.

"We are living the dream, really," Mojang co-foudner Carl Manneh told the news service. "An exit would be huge, but do we really need that money? In our case, we have the cash flow. We have more money than we need...We've always felt that the independence we have is one of our core strengths. We can take decisions by going into a room and in 15 minutes we're done. We try to be extremely agile, to release games quickly."

Mojang brought in revenues of almost $240 million in 2012, with around $100 million coming from license fees. That success has brought plenty of outside interest. The developers said they've turned down acquisition attempts from almost every major gaming company in the industry, as well as involvement from Sean Parker of Napster and Facebook fame.

For now, the company will remain independent, a luxury provided by the prolonged success of Minecraft. Although co-founder Jakob Porser told Reuters there were concerns that the game had peaked before Christmas, a holiday spike in the numbers offered evidence to the contrary.

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Latest comments (7)

gi biz ;, 8 years ago
I see no reason why they should. At their place I would just mark their offers as spam and keep on rocking :)
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they have money and independence, what more do they need? Good for them. There is nothing these corps can offer them , except a higher tax bracket and destruction of everything they fought, built, and created.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Todd Weidner on 4th February 2013 9:58pm

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Matthew Bennett 3D Engine developer, Sitedesk8 years ago
That really is great for Mojang, I'd personally dislike seeing it go public or getting picked up by a major publisher. They do great work as they are.
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Darren Adams Managing Director, ChaosTrend8 years ago
The more developers we have that are run by passion for games and not passion for profit, the better our games will be. Obviously money is important to the survival of a company, but it should be because the game is great, not because shareholders demand X amount for their dividends.
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Sandy Lobban Founder, Noise Me Up8 years ago
Corporations ruin innovative franchises like they have. Safety first politics and individual ladder climbing motivations kill great ideas like this stone dead. Minecraft would never have seen the light of day if it was imagined from within one. Good on them for sticking to their own dream. It'll be them that can do the buying in future, should they wish too.
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Neil Alphonso Lead Designer, Splash Damage Ltd8 years ago
I think it's bigger news that Reuters has done a business story about Mojang.
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David Radd Senior Editor, IndustryGamers8 years ago
Unlike a lot of smaller developers, they've managed to successfully monetize themselves well. There's no living project to project for them; revenue from Minecraft will let them approach new projects on their own time frame.
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