25 jobs go at GREE US following OpenFeint closure

Company also begins new funding initiative for developers

Mobile games company GREE is letting 25 staff go following the closure of OpenFeint.

The news comes as the company announced a new funding initiative, with MyHorse developer MunkyFun receiving $3 million in investment

"GREE, which recently announced the closure of mobile social gaming platform, OpenFeint, is focusing its US business primarily on its own titles and developer partner titles," said the company in a statement.

"As part of the company's internal US reorganization, a majority of the GREE games platform team will be transitioned to new departments with redundancies in some areas. The overall GREE Platform business will begin transitioning to its operations in Tokyo as a part of this change."

GREE bought OpenFeint for $104 million in April last year, before making the surprise decision last month to close it down - a move many condemned for not providing enough notice.

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Adrian Cummings Founder and Owner, Mobile Amusements6 years ago
Like AGON Online before it, I got burned by this merger of OF into GREE and as a developer am now not interested in GREE at all. What a waste of time it all was really.
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Paul Johnson Managing Director / Lead code monkey, Rubicon Development6 years ago
Having used openFeint (on Android) until I got fed up of all the one stars because it crashed our stuff all the time, I do have to ask myself how it took 25 of them to manage that in the first place.

Definitely no love after they just turned everything off like that either. What made them worth 104M in the first place I have no clue, clearly missing something.
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Peter Dwyer Games Designer/Developer 6 years ago
OpenFeint came along when iOS had no equivalent to XBox live gamer points. At that point it could have been snapped up by Apple but, the problem was that the product itself (as anyone who integrated it will tell you) was unstable. Gree purchased it when it was established but, instead of folding it into their line-up and thus bolstering it's popularity, they chose to try to steal developers by requiring them to migrate over to Gree services. No doubt they wanted to leverage the existing customer base for those apps as they would hold all of the data. Instead what happened was that those very same developers simply changed to using Game Center instead.

This left Gree with a very expensive overpriced Turkey. Moral of the story "Eventually your Gree(d) will catch up with you"

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Paul Johnson Managing Director / Lead code monkey, Rubicon Development6 years ago
Yeah, we were one of those soldiers.

Regarding their worth, I think this is one of those omg wow deals that won't ever happen to the likes of us.

"We think this is worth 2M. It's more valuable to them though so maybe we can push for 4 or 5"
"Hi guys, I'd like to put in an opening offer of 100M"
"Erm, that's great thanks. Can we get back to you?" <falls off chair>
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