8-Bit Funding ceases updates

Owner Indie Game Magazine says site can't compete with Kickstarter

Crowd-funding site 8-Bit Funding is no longer being updated, according an statement from owner Indie Game Magazine.

"Everyone at IGM was very excited when we originally started managing 8-Bit, but unfortunately many factors led to us deciding to no longer support the platform," says a message on the site.

"It quickly became apparent that the site needed some massive coding changes to operate up to our standards and compete with sites like Kickstarter. Since we did not own the domain name/brand, we didn't think it was worth our investment of time/money and have instead decided to launch our own site that will support Alpha/Beta games."

The site was acquired by IGM in March, when the company's Mike Gnade said it believed the platform "never got the attention from game fans and developers that it deserved."

There are still a handful of projects on the site that are still open for funding, although across the three most recently started projects a grand total of just $11 has been contributed.

IGM says its new site, IndieGameStand, which 8-Bit now tries to redirect you to, "is a unique site that spotlights indie games and handpicks the best indie game developers out there."

"Anyone who has a playable build of their game can submit their game and the site supports more payment processors than just Paypal. We hope everyone understands the need for us to build our own brand and system to support developers rather than rebuild 8-bit to compete with the popularity of Kickstarter."

The site offers DRM-free downloads of indie games, with 10 per cent of proceeds going to charities.

"If you're an indie game developer wondering what the heck this is all about, here's a hint for you: this site will feature one (and only one) indie game for sale every 4 days."

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Tim Carter Designer - Writer - Producer 5 years ago
Their name doomed them.
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Morville O'Driscoll Blogger & Critic 5 years ago
Whoa, Tim. That's a shockingly vacuous off-hand comment there. Don't give up the day-job, ey? :)

Competition is good. Whilst Kickstarter is great, the only competitor I can think of they have is Gambitious, which is a bit too new and untested to really get-behind currently.

Ah well.

Edit: Ahh, Kickstarter do have another competitor, but I cannot for the life of me think of their name right now. :/

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Omaha Sternberg Editor / Co-Founder, iGame Radio5 years ago
Edit: Ahh, Kickstarter do have another competitor, but I cannot for the life of me think of their name right now. :/

Um, would that be Indiegogo that you're trying to remember?
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Edward Buffery Head of LQA (UK), Testronic5 years ago
There's a few games on international site

*edit* Beat me to it, damn you :)

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Hugo Dubs Interactive Designer 5 years ago
In my opinion, Indiegogo is the only competitor Kickstart could have. At least it's international and not only limited to US (and soon UK)
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Keldon Alleyne Strategic keyboard basher, Avasopht Ltd5 years ago
Edit: Ahh, Kickstarter do have another competitor, but I cannot for the life of me think of their name right now. :/
Hilarious, and exactly the reason Kickstarter is strong. There really doesn't need to be a competitor, it's just going to be so difficult for anyone else to build that level of traction now that they dominate it.

There's very little you can do to better it. At most the crowdfunding market could become saturated, but I think for now we'll have to just live with Kickstarter being the dominating force.
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