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Yoshida: E3 conference needed more Vita

Sony Worldwide Studios president admits the handheld was under represented

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has admitted that the PlayStation Vita was under represented at the company's E3 press conference.

Speaking to Develop Online, Yoshida discussed a string of tweets he received following the conference that criticised the absence of so many of the games being released for Vita over the next year.

"In retrospect, we should've spent more time showing and talking about our PS Vita titles," he said. "We have 25 PS Vita games playable on the show floor... We could have spent more time talking about those, but we had a very clear intention this year to make the total press conference shorter, because we're notorious for holding lengthy ones.

"I'm hoping that journalists are looking at the games on the show floor and getting the word out that way."

Yoshida also elaborated on the importance of the PlayStation Mobile initiative to realising the Vita's potential. Sony has released an SDK that smaller, independent developers can use to make games for Vita and PlayStation certified Android devices.

"In the past, becoming a certified, licensed developer for the Playstation platform was not an easy thing to do. The development kit was somewhat expensive," he said.

"With PS Mobile, people can just download the SDK from our web site and when they decide to publish their game, they can pay us just $99 per year to become the publisher of their content, so that includes PS Vita."

"In my mind, we are still at the starting phase of realising and showing the potential of PS Vita."

Sony's handhled has performed below expectations since it launched in Europe and the US earlier this year. In March, Sony revealed that it had sold 1.8 million units worldwide, but Yoshida has since ruled out the possibility of a price-cut in the near-term.

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Latest comments (4)

Terence Gage Freelance writer 9 years ago
I don't understand how they can fail to represent their struggling handheld when they had the perfect platform to show it off to millions of people. I mean, if they had 25 Vita titles on the show floor why not cherry-pick the best five or six and show a minute or two of footage for each? As a future thought, if they're worried about the conference overrunning then cut out a lot of the talk and just show game footage. At the end of the day nothing sells console hardware like its software, so keep the on-stage stuff to a minimum (maybe with a short interlude by a certain Mr. Butler) and let the game footage do the talking.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.9 years ago
Or they can do like Nintendo did by having multiple events and those Nintendo Direct shows. Their actual E3 Presentation was just 1 hour but they had a Nintendo Direct before E3, the main media presentation, a developers conference that night, another Nintendo Direct the next day and then another Nintendo Direct just a few days ago.
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Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd9 years ago
I agree Terence. Ignoring Vita was a massive miss, not just with the media but with their eager Vita owning consumers watching at home. Furthermore, not having any footage to show for the new Call of Duty game killed consumer confidence in that title almost instantly. It comes out in 4 months and they had nothing worth showing? Very very bad.
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Hakki Sahinkaya9 years ago
No they are wrong, they just needed a few more minutes of Wonderbook :)

But yeah, lack of VITA at conference is an obvious misstep of course, seems almost redundant to point that out really. And by pointing it out, it really accomplishes nothing.

Sometimes you get the feeling Sony is a baby company rather than a global one that has been going for years. They make so many of these, what is to the consumers, obvious missteps. Struggling format + biggest gaming show on Earth should equal: Show-off struggling format to the huge masses. Not: Almost ignore it completely.

Oh well, as long as they learn.
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