GAME Australia goes into liquidation

Creditors vote on fate of retail chain

PricewaterhouseCoopers has confirmed that the GAME Australia retail chain has been put into liquidation. The decision followed a creditors' meeting held yesterday.

"Fifteen GAME stores continue to operate. These stores have commenced a final clearance sale whilst we continue to progress interest in the remaining parts of the business," said administrator Kate Warwick, who will work with Greg Hall on the liquidation.

The news isn't unexpected. On Tuesday PwC announced it was closing all of the chains 31 stores, with 16 shutting with immediate effect.

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Tony Johns9 years ago
sad news....

I will miss GAME as they had some good people working there.

I hope they can find other jobs like in EB Games and JB HiFi in the future as I knew that some of them had experience with gaming in their lives and they seemed really in the know in what games to expect coming soon.
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