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Sony's Shuhei Yoshida reinforces importance of indies to PS Vita

"We do it for the love of it, almost," says Yoshida.

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida says that indie developers will be key to the success of the PS Vita. He wants the platform to offer a variety of experiences, from immersive AAA titles to bite-sized entertainment.

"The whole development process of Vita was us watching the smartphone and the tablet market grow and blossom," Yoshida told Gamasutra. "We've seen lots of small games sold digitally through the app stores of each device, and that's something we thought is a great addition to the whole offering of video games to the consumers."

"We do not necessarily see the smartphone replacing the portable console market," Yoshida added. "It's true that many casual people already own smartphones, and spending a dollar for a game is a very easy thing to do. People who really like games want more immersive, deeper games. In addition, they also enjoy short-form, small games."

SCEA's Pub Fund is focused on funding indie developers and Yoshida says Tale From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack from Drinkbox Studios (which was funded through the program) is one of his favorite games.

"We do it for the love of it, almost. It's not like small games sell $100 million revenues. But we really think it's important to work with younger people, and people who really sometimes disregard conventions of making games -- Jon Mak made Everyday Shooter by himself," says Yoshida. "When games are made by a small number of people, the creative vision of one person really shines through the entire game. That's really where we find some magic happens."

Find out how to kick start your games industry career

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Latest comments (2)

Paul Johnson Managing Director / Lead code monkey, Rubicon Development9 years ago
This is bullshit. I'm one of those indies in question, and Sony put more obstacles in front of you than console AAA. We had our game running before christmas, but by April we just gave up with no end in sight.
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Igor M D 9 years ago
Paul, I think Sony did really well regarding "minis" programme. But everything else is just talk. Funding a selected number (less than five so far?) of developers with PubFund does not count as "opening platform for indies".
Still better than Nintendo though ;)
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