Nvidia profits and revenue fall for Q1 2013

"Graphics is more important than ever," says president

Graphics processing brand Nvidia saw falls in both revenue and profits for Q1 2013, according to its latest financial results.

It reported revenue of $924.9 million, or 576 million, for the period ended April 29. This is compared with $962 million for the previous year.

Net income stood at $60.4 million (37.6 million) compared with $135.3 million last year.

Its earnings call revealed the company's GPU business was down 6.7 per cent compared to the same period last year due, which it blamed on component shortages.

It forecasted revenue of between $990 million and $1.05 billion for Q2.

"Kepler GPUs are accelerating our business," said president Jen-Hsun Huang. "Our newly launched desktop products are winning some of the best reviews we've ever had. Notebook GPUs had a record quarter."

"Graphics is more important than ever. Look for exciting news next week at the GPU Technology Conference as we reveal new ways that the GPU will enhance mobile and cloud computing."

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Andrew Wafer CEO, Pixel Toys5 years ago
Say what?
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James Battersby Developer, Blue Beck5 years ago
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Tom Keresztes Programmer 5 years ago
Results for Q1 2013 ?
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.5 years ago
Tom, many companies set their fiscal year calendars based on the year the FY ends rather than the year it begins. This gives the illusion of them reporting figures a year in advance.

It can really play havoc when comparing multiple company's financial figure and they don't all use the same FY calendar system.
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Dominic Jakube Student 5 years ago
Their new discrete GPU's are overpowered and overpriced and none of the next consoles will use their embeded GPU's.Hopefully when a new console generation does start pc users will need new GPU's to run a new breed of console ports.
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