Zynga designer joins Loot Drop

Frontierville's Erin Hoffman joins Romero start up

Designer Erin Hoffman, previously of social gaming company Zynga, has joined Loot Drop as lead designer.

"Erin brings a soul to social games, and that's something I'd say about few game designers in this space," said COO Brenda Brathwaite.

" She genuinely believes in making games fun -- first and foremost -- and that's something core at Loot Drop. We are grateful she's joined us."

Hoffman has been working with online games for 12 years, and past projects include Frontierville, Dragonrealms and Kung Fu Panda World.

"The opportunity to work with not just one but three legendary game designers in a sustainability- and design-focused social game company was too good to pass up. I'll be working on amazing properties with some of my heroes," she said.

Her first game for Loot Drop will be a social title, and she'll be based in San Bruno, California. Hoffman is also an active member of the gaming community, named as one of the Most Influential Women in 2006 and serving on the Board of Directors of the International Game Developers Association. She also writes fantasy novels.

Loot Drop was founded in 2010 by John Romero, Brenda Garno Brathwaite and Tom Hall.

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Nick Ferguson Sr. Business Development Manager, Amazon6 years ago
Wasn't she also EA_Spouse? That feels worth a mention.
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Emmeline Pui Ling Dobson MA Games Course Co-ordinator, The National Film and Television School6 years ago
She was, and I agree it's worth a mention. A brave, landmark essay standing up for QOL in the games industry.
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