Gameforge lays off 100 employees

German browser company cuts staff as Frogster CEO steps down; Future of Star Trek title uncertain

German online browser company Gameforge is to axe 100 of its 450 employees.

The company is best known for massively multiplayer online and strategy titles, and recently claimed to reach 300 million users.

"Through a more efficient organisational structure, we can optimise our use of resources and great potential for further growth increase," said CEO Alexander Roesner in a statement. "This will strengthen our long term position in the dynamic market for online games."

The company has cancelled games Mythos and Hellbreed, and said it may struggle to release Star Trek: Infinite Space unless it can sign a co-publishing deal.

Last year Gameforge took over Frogster, prompting multiple senior executives to leave the company.

Yesterday it was announced that Frogster founder and CEO Christoph Gerlinger would leave the company after nearly seven years.

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Mario Rizzo WW Studios, Head of Free-to-Play, Ubisoft9 years ago
Whoa... shocking news. Good luck to everyone affected I hope you all find new positions soon.

@Matt, I believe that Alexander is the Founder / CEO of Gameforge. I believe that Christoph was the Founder / CEO of Frogster (the company Gameforge acquired).
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Matt Martin Editor, GamesIndustry.biz9 years ago
Yes, you're right. I've updated the story.
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Carl Silvers Researcher, Electronic Arts9 years ago
I'd be more than willing to talk to any of the affected staff with regards to positions within EA.
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Kane Caswell Community Manager, Crowdstar Games 9 years ago
Shame. I play Ogame, one of their browser based games. All the best to the employees that were let go.
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James Ingrams Writer 9 years ago
This company, the Rock You 50% staff cuts and the THQ.losses combined with the growth of PC indie and Eastern European developers and the decline in console game sales show, tell me a quiet revolution in taking place in gaming, and a reaction to the "sameness" of AAA console titles.
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Philipp Karstaedt Producer / Product & Project Manager 9 years ago
I'm sorry for those affected. I'm sure bright minds can find a job at another Germany-based f2p publisher pretty easily...
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Raf Keustermans CEO, co-founder Plumbee 9 years ago
Surprising, I thought they were doing very well... For those who lost their job: Plumbee, new VC-backed social gaming startup in London is also looking for good people ( for details and job specs).
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Mark James Platform Technology Director, LucasArts9 years ago
Sorry to here about more losses in the industry. If any ex-employees are looking for work please let me know if I can help. Positions available are at
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Dale Broadbent 3D Artist 9 years ago
Layoffs suck. For those affected, try not to take it personally. Believe in yourselves and your skills - you can do it! Best of luck to you all.
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Wolfgang Hamann Pres/CEO, Koolhaus Games9 years ago
Sorry to hear about this. If anyone is looking to leave the turbulence of European development for a chart topping, stable, six year+, solid development studio in Vancouver, Canada, please check out for open positions.
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Matthew Hill Head of Recruitment, Specialmove9 years ago
Good to see lots of options here for employees who may be affected by these cuts.

To add another Outplay Entertainment, a strong UK based social games developer have a range of vacancies. The vacancy list is being updated so even if you don't find the perfect match please apply and we will contact you with details of suitable positions.

Managed by succesful developers Doug & Richard Hare, Outplay offer proven management and opportunity to make a real contribution to the success of projects


Good Luck !
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Francesco Genovese Recruitment Manager, Jagex Games Studio9 years ago
Really sorry to hear about this guys.
We currently have 52 vacancies live so, if any of the affected staff would like to hear more about them, please get in touch ( or visit Best of luck to you all!
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Ajay Joshi director, cafe-t9 years ago
Feeling bad for the people involved in this.
Currently we have about 50 positions in new delhi india.
Pls contact me if you can relocate to new delhi, the capital of India.
you can email me on
new delhi
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@ Francesco - Out of curiosuity, surely jagex doesnt need more employees over the 450 + staff, its not a small moon, so it must be a death star :)
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Christopher Weaver Independent Computer Games Professional, Frogster America9 years ago
Well I work for Frogster America, which was taken over by Gameforge. I have not said anything here yet, due to not knowing what is going on. I still do not know what is happening to be honest.

I work as an External/Remote Game Master/Fraud Management Specialist/Support Team for Frogster America. It seems the lay-offs are totally or mostly in Europe. So far I have not been affected, but who knows what tomorrow brings.

So, my deepest sorrows go out to those who have lost their job.
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