Creative director exits Kuju

Ste Curran leaves role to concentrate on Secret Crush volunteer project

Ste Curran will leave his role as creative director at Kuju's Zoe Mode studio to concentrate on his new volunteer project Secret Crush.

"I loved Zoë and her family and had the best time with them," he posted on Google+.

"For the first time in five years I'm free to see other people, do other things and it feels like oxygen."

Little information is given about Secret Crush, but the website calls for coders and artists to build an indie label.

"I've been amazed by the response and I'm really excited about making it work. That's going to take time," Curran adds.

"I'm shaping initial ideas with a few of the contributors now and hopefully, as things grow, I'll be able to involve everyone who wants to be involved. Like the site says, this project isn't a charity and I'd love for it to make money some day."

Kuju's Zoe Mode studio is based in Brighton and focuses on music and social games. Its games include Chime, SingStar: Pop Hits and You're In The Movies.

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Phil Marley Creative Director, Lightning Fish Games10 years ago
End of an era and all that.
Good luck Ste: looking forward to seeing what happens with Secret Crush.
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