Layoffs at Zipper Interactive

Around 33 staff let go after the release of SOCOM and MAG

SOCOM and MAG developer Zipper Interactive has laid off around 33 staff, according to reports.

Studio owner Sony has said the redundancies are routine and "a result of cutting back on production resources after the launch of two major franchises", according to Kotaku.

Sony acquired Zipper Interactive at the start of 2006 as it finalised plans for the PlayStation 3 console, with relationships between the two companies going back to 1999.

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Aleksi Ranta Category Management Project Manager 6 years ago
now correct me if im totally wrong but I suspect that in almost every developers contract there is clause that states along the lines "you contracted for project x with the likehood that you will be laid off once the project is done, with the option of possibly utilizing your services for future projects".

im as far away from the developer circles as can be but, I assume that most games are projects, there is a beginning and an end, with minimal support after launch. Not many developers/studios require a constant heavy staffing and news like these are to be expected? arent they?

On the positive side there arent much news that Studio X hired 15new people. No news is good news.

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Lewis Brown Snr Sourcer/Recruiter, Electronic Arts6 years ago
I think this is one of the realities of Game development, the game will take x amount of time to make and then until development begins on a new title the team is surplus to requirements.

Its the reason a lot of studios are going to a contractor workforce signing people up for 6-12 months contacts and extending untill the projects finished.

The reality is that is how projects are managed in other industries and how it should be in the Games space, its far more transparent and once this is established you will get a workforce which is fresher and more skilled who will move between studios in a local area.
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Neil Alphonso Lead Designer, Splash Damage Ltd6 years ago
Aleksi, no developer I've ever worked for has structured contracts in such a manner. Either they're fixed term with an option for renewal, or they're permanent. In the case of Zipper, I'm supposing the latter, else they would've just let the terms run out to avoid possible legal action.
But you've got a good point, which is why contracts more like what you're describing are becoming fashionable.
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David Doel Games Marketing Assistant, AMD6 years ago
33 seems excessive to me. I was at Zipper's office in January, it's not that large. But I hope I'm wrong and this is simply routine.
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 6 years ago
Hope things are all okay at Zipper. Not sure how well Socom 4 sold, but it came out in the UK just after PSN went down, so I suspect that would have had an impact on its sales (and a look over the 100 best PS3 sellers on Play and Amazon suggests it's not selling too well at the moment).

I really hope MAG 2 is in development; I'm a big advocate of the first game and think it was given a rough ride in reviews.
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Robert Smith Studying BTEC- Games tech, University of the West of England6 years ago
as a player of MAG we lost the only person that would fix account issues. MizzSmartyPants as she was known would go out of her way to fix all server issues and get across community concerns, but now she and many others are gone.
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