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Amber expands with two new studios in Asia

The Taiwan branch will be led by Jason Chien and Mel Songco will oversee the Philippines office

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Game development firm Amber has announced that it has opened its first studios in Taiwan and the Philippines.

The new offices are a part of the firm's plans to continue expanding its global business operations.

Amber Taiwan will specialize in art, programming, and game design, intending to grow the agency's experience in AAA game-making. General manager Jason Chien will oversee the Taipei studio. He previously worked as director of game services at Amazon and founded Bit Toys.

Meanwhile, Amber Philippines, which will be responsible for QA, localization, and player support, will be led by general manager Mel Songco. His career includes working in senior positions at firms such as EA, Activision Blizzard, and Vivendi Games.

"First and foremost, we have been attracted by the extremely talented people who can augment our development capabilities and help us become better at creating games. At the same time, being present on a new continent allows us to respond to the needs of our clients more quickly and efficiently," said Amber CEO Jaime Gine.

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