Five things you need to consider when starting a games studio

Fundamentally Games' Ella Romanos gives her top tips for game development startups

By Ella Romanos

What to consider when making the leap from AAA to indie

The Monster Closet team shares advice about the realities of creating your company, even when coming from an experienced AAA background

By Marie Dealessandri

How to grow a work-for-hire business

Streamline Media Group's Alexander Fernandez shares tips to stand out from the competition when starting an external development studio

By Alexander Fernandez

Should you grow your games company? Four questions to help you decide

Pipeworks CEO Lindsay Gupton explores the considerations you must take into account before expanding your business

By Lindsay Gupton

How to get a job in the games industry

The Academy guides to finding games industry jobs in all sectors, from game design to journalism to games PR and more

By Marie Dealessandri

How to get a job as a game programmer

The Academy explores the routes into one of the business' core competencies: game programming

By Marie Dealessandri

How to become a video game sound designer

The Academy finds out what it takes to make a living creating soundscapes for virtual worlds

By Niall O'Donoghue

An introduction to game worker cooperatives

At Game Devs of Color Expo, a panel shared their experience working in games as part of a worker cooperative, and why you should consider this business model

By Marie Dealessandri

How to make the games industry more sustainable

As part of the Best Places To Work Awards, we've invited panellists to talk about actionable steps against climate change

By Malindy Hetfeld

Listening to your employees: Key lessons from the pandemic

Behaviour Interactive's Rémi Racine explores ways to address the micro-level impact of COVID and better support staff going forwards

By Rémi Racine

Creating a diverse future for the games industry

As part of our Best Places To Work week, Amiqus' Liz Prince sat down with three panellists to talk about how diversity and inclusion can lead to a better future

By Malindy Hetfeld

How to support your staff's mental health

As part of's Best Places to Work Awards, we've talked to three panellists about the best practices to champion mental health support at your company

By Malindy Hetfeld

What to do if you are harassed in the workplace

We look back at advice given by Cinzia Musio and Anisa Sanusi during the podcast on handling toxicity

By Marie Dealessandri

An introduction to games user research

The Academy talks to veteran user researcher Steve Bromley about what the job entails and what you can do to become one

By Marie Dealessandri

Resources for victims of sexual harassment in the workplace

The Academy compiles materials to give employees tools to get mental health support, and options to seek action from an impartial body

By Marie Dealessandri

Tips from the Games and Online Harassment Hotline on stamping out toxicity in the workplace

Hotline director Jae Lin reflects on the initiative's first year, and share advice on how games professionals on any level can help stop discrimination and harassment

By James Batchelor

Lessons learnt from launching a studio while at university

Waving Bear Studio's co-founders talk about the challenges of transitioning from student to becoming your own boss

By Marie Dealessandri

Get a Job in Games month: The full guide to finding your place in the industry

Everything we published as part of the Academy event in one place

By Marie Dealessandri

The Academy Jobscast: Recruitment and diversity

Final episode of our four-part series now available, discusses how to improve your hiring process and appeal to a broader range of applicants

By James Batchelor

How to get a job in game design

The Academy looks into how to get a job as a game designer

By Marie Dealessandri

Best practices to hire and retain diverse talent | GDC 2021

Unity's Movell Dash, Niantic's Trinidad Hermida, and PlayStation's Davina Mackey sat down with IGDA Foundation's Nika Nour to discuss ways to improve diversity in games

By Marie Dealessandri

How do you make hitting something fun?

A panel of experts answered this burning question at Devcom, and gave advice on the skills you need to become a combat designer

By Marie Dealessandri

How to patch out implicit bias from your hiring process

Speaking at Ludicious X, Celia Hodent suggests avoiding discrimination when recruiting is much like improving a video game

By James Batchelor

How to get a job as a diversity and inclusion officer

The Academy explores the role and impact of a D&I officer

By Malindy Hetfeld

How to get a job as a community manager in games

As communities keep growing and companies look to engage with them more genuinely, the Academy looks into how to get a job in community management

By Marie Dealessandri

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