An introduction to games technical art

Atomhawk's technical art director Liam Fleming explains what technical artists do and gives pointers on how to become one

By Marie Dealessandri

Could you be a mentor?

Limit Break's training consultant and researcher Cinzia Musio shares advice on what makes a good mentor, and how to make the most of your mentorship experience

By Cinzia Musio

Recruitment tips when recovering from cultural issues

MidBoss' Cade Peterson and Onward Play's Kim Shatzer share advice on demonstrating your company has changed -- and ensuring you won't repeat past mistakes

By Marie Dealessandri

How to get the most out of your voice actors

Unlock Audio's Elliot Callighan and Bonnie Bogovich give advice for getting the best performance possible from your recording talent

By Elliot Callighan & Bonnie Bogovich

How to get a job as a game UX designer

The Academy explores the routes into an essential but often misunderstood field in the games industry: UX design

By Alan Wen

Introducing the Academy Magazine

All our advice about finding a job in games available now in a 100+ page magazine

By Marie Dealessandri

Onboarding: How to set new starters on the road to success

Ella Romanos details her process for onboarding new recruits so they receive the support and structure they need

By Ella Romanos

Prioritising staff wellbeing in a high pressure environment

Metacore's Maria Törnroos posits that there's no performance without wellbeing, and gives tips on how to maximize both

By Maria Törnroos

Tips for intentional and healthy networking | GDC 2022

Code Coven detailed how to build, nurture and maintain good professional relationships

By Marie Dealessandri

Why indie developers should consider hiring a COO

PowerWash Simulator studio Futurlab has hired a chief operating officer in Chris Mehers. We find out why

By Christopher Dring

How (and why) games can adopt the TV writers' room approach to craft their stories | GDC 2022

At GDC 2022, Antony Johnston looked into the benefits of this model and why games' writing teams should embrace it

By Marie Dealessandri

How game developers can better respond to the talent crisis

Virtuos Montreal's David Cheung gives tips on how to build safer workplaces and provide fulfilling working experiences

By David Cheung

The A-Z of new gaming terms

30 words and phrases that shaped the last decade in games

By Colin Campbell

Seven steps to organising an inclusive games industry event

A practical guide for thinking about the best way to create inclusive events across the industry

By Emma Cowling, Anna Ozimek, Carolina Rueda

Hiring to address diversity chief people officer Chris Davies on hiring marginalized devs and supporting them once they're on board

By Brendan Sinclair

Five things you need to consider when starting a games studio

Fundamentally Games' Ella Romanos gives her top tips for game development startups

By Ella Romanos

What to consider when making the leap from AAA to indie

The Monster Closet team shares advice about the realities of creating your company, even when coming from an experienced AAA background

By Marie Dealessandri

How to grow a work-for-hire business

Streamline Media Group's Alexander Fernandez shares tips to stand out from the competition when starting an external development studio

By Alexander Fernandez

Should you grow your games company? Four questions to help you decide

Pipeworks CEO Lindsay Gupton explores the considerations you must take into account before expanding your business

By Lindsay Gupton

How to get a job in the games industry

The Academy guides to finding games industry jobs in all sectors, from game design to journalism to games PR and more

By Marie Dealessandri

How to get a job as a game programmer

The Academy explores the routes into one of the business' core competencies: game programming

By Marie Dealessandri

How to become a video game sound designer

The Academy finds out what it takes to make a living creating soundscapes for virtual worlds

By Niall O'Donoghue

An introduction to game worker cooperatives

At Game Devs of Color Expo, a panel shared their experience working in games as part of a worker cooperative, and why you should consider this business model

By Marie Dealessandri

How to make the games industry more sustainable

As part of the Best Places To Work Awards, we've invited panellists to talk about actionable steps against climate change

By Malindy Hetfeld

Listening to your employees: Key lessons from the pandemic

Behaviour Interactive's Rémi Racine explores ways to address the micro-level impact of COVID and better support staff going forwards

By Rémi Racine

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