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100m MAUs for Zynga's CityVille

But growth is slowing despite record-breaking playerbase

Zynga's social titan CityVille continues to grow its audience, with the Facebook resource management title now passing one million monthly active users.

This comes little more than a week after the game became the biggest app in Facebook history, when it reached 88.5 million MAUs.

Current figures for the game put it at 100,064,578 MAUs, with Inside Social Games calculating that 18,591,715 of those translate to daily active users. At 19 per cent stickiness, this may ultimately mean it is attracting less of a long-term audience than predecessor FarmVille.

Despite the milestone figure, the game's growth has slumped from three million MAUs per day to around one million MAUs per day, supporting theories that a ceiling might be in sight.

That said, AppData reports suggest that over 50 per cent of CityVille's players are non-US, a direct result of this being Zynga's first simultaneous international launch.

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