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Zynga hits 22m MAUs in CityVille's first 11 days

8m DAUs makes FarmVille firm's new title its fastest-growing yet

CityVille, the latest social game from Zynga, is on course to be the firm's most successful yet.

The game currently boasts 8.6 million daily active users (according to AppData), a figure reached in just 11 days. The playerbase grew by a third over the weekend alone, with CityVille having reached 6 million DAUs on Friday.

This has already seen the game leave predecessor FrontierVille in the dust, which had taken 32 days to reach six million.

CityVille is some distance from overtaking perennial Facebook champ FarmVille's current pool of 16.2 million DAUs, however,

Monthly actives are also rising fast, with Facebook putting them at 22 million as of today - already almost half of FarmVille's current 55 million.

The rapid grown is partially thanks to CityVille being the first Zynga product to see a simultaneous global release. The resource management game is available in five languages and is marketed heavily inside other Zynga titles.

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