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Zynga attempting to enforce 'ville' trademark

Rival game Blingville fights back against cease and desist orders

Social network gaming outfit Zynga has requested cease and desist orders against developer and game Blingville, claiming its use of the letter combination 'ville' entails trademark infringement.

Zynga began action against Blingville last November, with Blingville claiming this will soon evolve into a full trademark infringement suit.

Last week, Blingville filed for a declaratory judgement stating that its game's title constituted a "fair use" of the trademark.

Zynga's claim "adversely affects Blingville and will continue to do so until this Court makes a determination of Blingville's absolute right to use the trademark name 'Blingville' in connection with its social networking computer game."

The declaratory judgement request also demands that "Zynga be ordered to pay Blingville's attorneys' fees, costs and other expenses incurred as a result of this controversy."

Zynga has previously been on the receiving end of trademark infringement disputes, in cases concerning both the name and the content of its Facebook hit Mafia Wars.

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