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Zu Online

All about the game's Chinese watercolour graphics style.

Zu Online ( is a 3D MMORPG that features a dark and mysterious graphics style that perfectly suits its dark and mysterious theme. This game has been under development for almost 3 years. With a refreshingly dark tone that lends the landscape an air of mystery and intrigue, Zu Online has left deep impressions on its players. The washed out background that utilizes the traditional Chinese watercolor style makes it perfectly suited for the games story and content.

Wan Mountain is a good example of the detail that went into the design. With soaring peaks that not only demonstrate the majesty and beauty of the Zu mountains, players feel as though they have entered a realm of unearthly beauty dominated by warriors unlike any in Western civilization. This is truly a merger between the Western gaming format and the ultimate expression of Eastern culture.

With Zu Online’s successful testing period long since finished, you might think that the developers would sit back and relax, but you would be wrong. They have taken an extensive amount of time since the games debut to improve on their creation, adding more detail in areas, and producing even more content to enlarge the game world. Even the models of the main characters have been revised 4 times. That's an attention to detail that is not common in recent game offerings. Miracle Town and Mythtic Tree have been upgraded 11 times. Small icons, game interfaces items, environmental details, pets, monsters, nothing has been left to become old and stale. With such a commitment to perfection, it’s no wonder that Zu Online has attracted, and will continue to attract, so many passionate players.

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