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Cloud services can change gaming on a fundamental level - Zeschuk

BioWare co-founder sees entirely new markets opening up through streaming game services such as Gaikai

BioWare's Dr Greg Zeschuk has told that he believes cloud gaming services such as Gaikai have the potential to radically change the games business on a fundamental level.

Speaking in an interview published today, one half of the management team behind Mass Effect and Dragon Age admitted that the successful delivery of Gaikai and OnLive was "mind boggling" but the potential to attract new consumers by breaking down barriers imposed by competing formats could reshape the industry.

"I personally find it incredibly exciting and that is the thing that can be the most transformative of anything at a fundamental level," said Zeschuk. "But the implementation is everything. The dark side of that is that it still boggles my mind about how it can be technically done effectively."

"It's interesting that the way Gaikai is on everything – it's a web service, it's not just some set-top box. It's literally everything. With cloud services you can play it on whatever, you get access to the game and you're away. "

BioWare owner Electronic Arts recently inked a deal with Gaikai to use the technology for its PC franchises including Medal of Honor, The Sims and Mass Effect.

Zeschuk compared cloud gaming to the free-to-play market, as both break free of restrictions by offering instant access for consumers to sample numerous games easily before making their purchase decisions.

"It's very exciting that it can break down that barrier and lead to the higher sense of trial," he said.

"What happened in places like China with free-to-play games exploding, was largely because people are able to try something out. They try something and if they like it they spend money on it. I think that can drive incredible commerce into our funnel that isn't constrained by worrying about what platform a game is on."

The full interview with Greg Zeschuk, where he also discusses the opportunities for new motion control and 3D technology, can be read here.

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