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Zeno Clash

New trailer and art released from ACE Team's fighty action game.

Santiago, Chile, December 17, 2008 - ACE Team, an independent video game developer based in Santiago, Chile, today released a new gameplay trailer and the full detailed descriptions of its characters in its upcoming PC game, Zeno Clash. The game will be available via Steam, Valve's digital distribution system in Q1 2009 in addition to being available at retail (details TBD). Zeno Clash is a PC-based action/fighting game set in a punk fantasy world.

Zeno Clash is a story driven game that uniquely blends the first person genre with the fighting game genre. Players will play the role of Ghat, the son of an impressive hermaphrodite creature called Father-Mother, whose children form the most powerful clan in the city of Halstedom. Ghat must escape from his family and start an incredible journey with his female companion Deadra, who will aid him in the dangerous lands of Zenozoik.

Some people live in the woods and have joined "The Corwid of the free" because they don't care for the semi-civilized life in the city. In Halstedom there is no state or laws. As Corwids they are also free from common sense or reason. Insanity is the ultimate form of freedom for them. In the woods they will develop their obsessions and manias no matter how impractical or absurd these may be.

Father-Mother has given birth to dozens of the creatures in Halstedom. She is their loving, careful mother, and he is their strong, rule enforcing father. Father-Mother always insists on keeping all the children close because having a big family to count on is a good thing in the dangerous and lawless land of Zenozoik, Many of Father-Mother's children are very skilled. Rimat is a natural leader. Xetse is a fearsome bodyguard. Therium is the cook and Henae is the combat trainer. They are all fiercely loyal to the head of the greatest family there is.

Ghat was always stubborn and rebellious but he was still one of Father-Mother's older and favorite sons. Recent events have brought Ghat far apart from Father-Mother and the rest of his family. It seems that Deadra is now the only person in the world who still trusts him. Deadra never runs out of hope for the future which also makes her a strong-willed person who never quits. Together they could reach the end of the world.

The new gameplay video that has been released displays some of the melee attacks that players will be capable of performing to overcome their adversaries. A variety of punches, grabs and kicks are displayed as Ghat punishes his adversaries by throwing them to pits or knocking them into the air with a powerful comeback punch. The video also features combat with very different weapons for different situations. The clubs are necessary to bring down heavy foes that won't be stopped by anything in their path. The musket can be used to blow up explosive rodents that parachute from a giant creature's head. In Zeno Clash players will encounter all sorts of dangers and keeping a grasp on these weapons is key to survive.

About Zeno Clash

Zeno Clash features fantastic visuals powered by the Source Engine. The unprecedented art style brings a fresh new approach to the first person genre with surreal environments and characters that will keep players wanting to discover more. The game also includes engaging Melee Combat that is up close and personal, allowing players to perform a variety of movements like deflect & elude combos, knockback finisher punches and punishing grab attacks. Players can also challenge a variety of unfriendly characters that will attack with their own unique fighting techniques and tricks as new attacks are learned.

The game includes an unusual arsenal of weapons which are built from scraps and junk, including dual wielding guns, a musket and skull bombs. The game's beautiful musical score is as varied as the game's settings. The original soundtrack will keep players immersed in the different environments. Zeno Clash also features Achievements to keep more demanding players happy while extending the game's re-playability.

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About ACE Team

ACE Team is an entertainment software developer based in Santiago, Chile. The company is committed to making unique games that will stand out for their originality and quality. In the expanding industry of PC and console gaming throughout the globe, ACE Team is aimed to be among the top independent game developers. Their high quality work, previous experience making games and involvement with the acclaimed Source Engine distinguishes them as the future leading developer of Latin America in mainstream games.

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