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Zeemote JS1

"Mobile-Console Gaming ecosystem" to be demoed at Mobile World Congress.

See us at Mobile World Congress

Barcelona, 16th – 19th February 2009

Hall 7, Stand: Innovations Zone 25

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona – February 16th-19th, 2009 – Zeemote™ Inc. (, the recognized leader in designing, manufacturing, marketing and licensing wireless controller technology and products for mobile devices, today previewed what it is calling the next significant step in Mobile-Console Gaming (MCG).

The Mobile-Console Gaming platform (MCG) will provide a fun and immersive gaming experience that will create an entirely new global gaming category and ecosystem with three core ingredients:

1. Mobile handset with TV Out (and a TV) OR micro-projector handset

2. Single and multiplayer connected gaming content

3. 1-2 Zeemote Bluetooth Gaming Controllers

The Mobile-Console Gaming platform leverages the mobile handset to provide game distribution, high quality graphics and sound, multi-player connectivity and portability. The Zeemote JS1 Controller, equipped with a thumbstick and four assignable action buttons, plays an integral part of the MCG ecosystem by enabling a mobile user to unleash their game anytime, anywhere and on any size screen to experience home-console style gaming up to 10 meters away from the handset connected to the TV or when projecting from a micro-projector equipped handset.

Mobile handsets are rapidly leaping forward in terms of processing, graphics, storage, audio and connectivity capabilities and with more than 20 of these handsets already in market with TV-Out or micro-projector capability and with many more handset manufacturers planning to include this type of functionality in their product line up, the Mobile-Gaming Console opportunity is a very real one.

This new category of affordable TV-Out or micro-projector enabled mobile handsets will provide an ideal platform, for:

• Emerging market consumers to embrace mobile console gaming

(a handset will be a fraction of the price of traditional console)

• Developers to produce better ‘premium’ single and multiplayer connected games and to create an uplift in pricing of mobile games closer to that of traditional console charging

• Operators to realize new revenue streams through streamed and downloaded games/applications

• Handset Manufacturers to position the handset as a connected gaming device with data server capabilities, enhanced storage and DRM

Visitors to Zeemote’s stand: Innovations Zone 25 in Hall 7 at Mobile World Congress will see a demonstration of single and multiplayer head-to-head gaming with Zeemote JS1 Controllers paired to a Nokia N85.

In addition, visitors can experience how the Mobile-Console Gaming platform leverages the Zeemote JS1 Controller to enable a truly connected and personal interaction with the device, applications and user generated content. eg: Internet browsing, control of the multimedia player to access personal photos, video, music and more.

“It has always been our belief that the mobile handset will become ever more powerful and ubiquitous as a connected gaming device. The Zeemote JS1 Controller plays an integral part of the Mobile-Console Gaming ecosystem enabling anytime, anywhere gaming and now any screen when marrying the Zeemote JS1 to high quality mobile gaming content and a handset equipped with TV Out or a micro-projector.” Said Ernie Cormier, President and CEO, Zeemote.

The Zeemote JS1 Controller, which was launched last year, has already made a significant mobile gaming impact launching globally in markets such as Germany, Mexico, Holland, Spain, Switzerland, Finland and Sweden. The Zeemote JS1 Controller has won multiple awards for its ability to provide users with a truly engaging and immersive experience with mobile games and other applications.

For more information, please visit the Zeemote’s new website at and download the free White Paper: Full Contact 2015: Video-Gaming and Telecom Industries on a Collision Course.

Note to editor:

The Zeemote JS1 Controller and its TV-Out capability is starting to create a buzz:

User Created Videos:

TV Out Demo:

Accessing Personal Content:

Playing Time Crisis and Pacman:

About Zeemote Inc.

Zeemote Inc. is the recognized leader in designing, manufacturing, marketing and licensing wireless controller technology and products for mobile devices.

About Zeemote JS1 Controller

The company's debut product is the Zeemote JS1 Controller, which creates the world's best mobile gaming experience.

The award-winning Bluetooth gaming controller is marketed and sold globally through partnerships with top handset manufacturers and mobile operators. The world's leading mobile game developers and publishers are actively creating Zeemote Ready titles to take advantage of the exciting and immersive game play delivered by the JS1 Controller.


For further information on Zeemote or to arrange a media briefing at Mobile World Congress, please contact:

Zeemote Inc.

Glenn Kiladis

Tel: +1.617.319.9789



Andrew Durkin

Tel: +44 (0) 7887 998407


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