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Your Mobile Phone Follows The Trend And Goes Into Capoiera!

There is no doubt that the brand "Brazil" is one of the trendiest nowadays. Their football players are true stars, its flag has slipped into the designs of top-fashion brands and thongs are no myth any more; they are capturing everyone's sight wherever they go!

The ultimate tendency is to take care of our bodies with a sport full of contagious rhythm and choreographic movements that comes from Brazil: CAPOEIRA. After 7 Days of Terror, Ministry of Sound Ibiza Game, Carlos Sainz Rally 4x4 and Maradona's successful releases, Kato Studios takes the excitement of this original sport, for the first time, into your mobile phone.

The game "Capoeira" puts in your hand all the colours, rhythms and landscapes of Brazil, along with the essence of this martial art which is an exotic and contagious mix of fight and dance.

Encounters filled with multiple movements and lots of realism can be seen in you mobile phone, in a very eye-catching way, thanks to the graphic work that lies behind the game. Thousands of drawings, hundreds of tests and finally, more than 125 frames make up the animations that compose it making up beautiful scenes rarely seen in a Java mobile game.

Its graphic richness can also be appreciated in the sceneries of the game: the most characteristics of Brazil. A fight might take place in the middle of the Amazons, in front of Rio de Janeiro's Corcovado, in a Salvador de Bahia street or next to the Iguaçu waterfalls.

Professional "capoeiristas" have been involved in the development of the game to feed it with accuracy and make fights fluent and very similar to the real ones. Authentic Capoeira movements such as "martelo", "queixada" and "passa pe" can be performed besides other combinations that are original and charged with sound and visual special effects that occur over an ethnic and contagious rhythm that will be slow or fast depending on the combat that is being disputed. Visually stunning, fun, addictive and, overall, up-to-date! It's the essence of CAPOEIRA in your mobile phone.


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