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Yokiyo - Guardians of Passage

Mushroom-tossing platformer for Android phones.

OrangePixel releases "Yokiyo - Guardiands of passage" for Android. A classical platform game playable as both Yokiyo and his kid sister. Use your wits to strategically throw mushrooms at the enemies and take them out before they hit you!

The game contains multiple control methods, from touch-controls to tilt-controls, making sure everyone is capable of enjoying this colorful game from start to finish.

The forty levels, spread over four worlds, provide hours of fun including animated in-game cut-scenes.

All this fun is accompanied by a great retro soundtrack and sound effects, and unlock-able achievements and online high-score rankings.

Short feature list:

4 worlds, 40 levels great animated story a great audio sound track and effects unlock-able achievements ( online high score rankings (

More information can be found at:

About OrangePixel

OrangePixel was founded in 2004, and has been developing and designing game concepts for the mobile market. A strong focus on original ideas and mobile game concepts is quickly setting OrangePixel aside from the large market of rehashed ideas and branded content. With OneThumb game concepts like Rocketboy, Toddlers, Sliderkids, and new ideas like the critically acclaimed Mechanics; OrangePixel has the balls to be creative.

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