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Xbox 360 doesn't violate Alcatel patent, says jury

A federal jury has ruled in Microsoft's favour in the third of five patent infringement cases against it by Alcatel-Lucent

A federal jury has found in favour of Microsoft, deciding that its Xbox 360 console does not violate a 1993 patent owned by Alcatel-Lucent SA.

The most recent trial was the third of five scheduled between the two companies over alleged patent infringement.

Alcatel-Lucent sought USD 419 million in damages. Microsoft had been seeking USD 11.5 million in damages, alleging that Alcatel-Lucent infringed patents of its own.

The jury ruled that one of Microsoft's patents was invalid and found that Alcatel-Lucent didn't violate another four of the company's patents.

According to a Bloomberg report, a jury in the same court decided last year that Microsoft's Windows Media Player infringed Alcatel-Lucent's patents for the MP3 digital-audio standard and awarded USD 1.52 billion in damages. The verdict was later set aside and is now on appeal.

Back in April, during the second patent infringement trial between the two companies, another federal jury awarded Alcatel-Lucent USD 368 million for Microsoft's infringement of its patents for touch-screen form entry and use of a computer stylus.

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