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More info on heroine Ayumi and her splendid pair of weapons.

Karlsruhe, 9th June 2008 – When Ayumi isn't using her effective combat spells, she faces up to the enemy hordes with naked blades and explosive projectiles. Since the unique Gunblades are a combination of sword and pistol, the heroine can change her combat style lightning-fast. Surrounded by countless opponents, Ayumi uses both blades with deadly accuracy in hand-to-hand combat. She's well versed in various combat techniques - and she makes full use of them to cut her way through the ranks of the monsters. The player is rewarded with special finishing moves for carrying out particularly successful combos.

However, Ayumi must first learn powerful attacking techniques by collecting hidden coin fragments throughout the levels. One three-piece set of these silver, gold or ruby artifacts releases a long-range or close combat upgrade. The new section “Fight” at reveals more information.

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