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World War II General Commander - Operation: Watch on the Rhine

Realtime operation strategy game to be "e-published" (like it!) by has born today 31.07.2008 at 00:00:00. The First Web Game Hosting for Wargame came up with his first title: “WWII: General Commander. Operation: Watch on the Rhine”, is a pioneer Real Time game that wants to renovate the Operational Strategic games.

“WWII: GC” is the first RTOS (Real Time Operational Strategy) game for the PC platform. The RTS world’s mode breaks with the conventional way of playing and puts the player in an authentic WWII tactical and strategic decision making simulation. Moreover, the classical operational mechanics have been optimized and also enhanced by a 3D engine that allows powerful zooms: it provides a continuous 300 square km real playing field, covering Belgium, southern Holland and north west France. The players will be able to direct their divisions, regiments and battalions attempting to occupy the most strategic positions and develop authentic and very close-to-reality manoeuvres. More information at:

Developer: Games GI

Publisher: Sniper S.A. (France/Germany/Italy/Austria/Belgium and Switzerland)


Release date: 06/10/2008

Genre: RTOS

Platform: PC

Multiplayer: Yes

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About Games GI.

Games GI is a games development company founded in 2005 and it is focused on the creation of new IPs for the PC platform. Its games take advantage of all the connectivity possibilities and the design freedom that this platform allows. We are currently working on strategy-role and virtual worlds simulations projects.

Contact us: business or press at


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