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World Supremacy

Map generation no longer locks up at 94% thanks to new patch.

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Cary, NC, 30 November 2010

Malfador Machinations and Shrapnel Games would like to announce that the first patch for World Supremacy, the strategic turn based game of global conquest, is now available for download. The patch addresses a couple of bugs that slipped by and modifies a few gameplay elements.

World Supremacy version 1.01 includes the following:

·         Fixed - Bug where map generation could lock up at 94% has been eliminated.

·         Fixed - Money for purchases not being deducted.

·         Fixed - Unloading units with land movement would not capture regions.

·         Changed - Increased Fighter damage against other air units.

·         Changed - Increased Air Defense System damage.

·         Changed - Increased Antiaircraft Truck damage and attack range.

·         Changed - Increased Destroyer damage against air units.

Note: It is possible to have islands generated that cannot be landed upon because they are too small.

The patch can be downloaded from the official product page.

World Supremacy is the latest game from Malfador Machinations, developers of the famed Space Empires series and Dungeon Odyssey. A Windows game, it is available as a download from Shrapnel Games for only $29.95.

World Supremacy is a strategic game set in the modern world (though thanks to its random map creation the world played upon does not have to be our own world). Falling decidedly on the 'light' side of the strategy game genre, this is a classic beer and pretzels scenario; a game for gamers, not accountants.

Games are set up by choosing your variables. Play against the AI or up to seven other opponents in either Hotseat mode or via the fancy thing they call the Internet. Armies are built from an income pool generated by controlled territories. Using these armies (and air forces, and navies) the idea is to crush everyone else on the map, be they innocent neutrals or dastardly foes. For giggles throw a few nukes and set the world on fire.

Being a Malfador Machination product of course the game can be modded. New maps can be created, units changed out, and more.

An updated limited demo is available which can also be downloaded from the official product page. Be sure to download the handy guide to the demo while there.

For information on any of the other titles that Shrapnel Games publishes please visit us at Demos, patches, free games, it's all there. And while there be sure to check out our other newly released game, Bronze from Dreamspike Studios. An amazing puzzle/strategy game set in Ancient Mesopotamia that Out of Eight reviews says of it: "Strategy veterans should find a lot to like here thanks to the quality AI and unique mechanics."

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