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World of Kung Fu

Events scheduled to celebrate launch of Emerald Tiger server.

[Shanghai, April 28th, 2009] As the fourth server “Emerald Tiger” of World of Kung Fu succeeds in running on April 28th, loads of interesting events and attractive rewards will be launched to celebrate the new server’s birth. A box of mysterious presents is ready for all players to open and enjoy!

Here is the list of all the events in Emerald Tiger.

April 28th to May 26th - Rising to the Top:

All the “Emerald Tiger” dwellers are involved in this event. Before May 26th’s maintenance, the players who raise themselves to level 80 and finish the rebirth quest will share the top prize of 999 Gold and each one will get a whole set of his class armor Tier one. The other players can contact Game Masters (GM) in the game and get a whole set of class armor Tier one or VIP Tai Yi pill or Fortune Boxes. The abundance of these prizes depends on the players’ levels.

May 5th to May 26th - Call of Emerald Tiger:

GM will wander around all maps in World of Kung Fu. They will choose players randomly which means anytime, anywhere. The host GM will ask the players if they accept to challenge the Emerald Tiger. The gate of unknown future will be opened to them after they accept it. Then they will be immediately moved to a secret place. Treasure? Threat? The brave warriors will finally see the truth.

May 5th to May 26th - “Knock, Knock!”:

This event have some similarity to the previous one, but instead of asking players if they want to challenge the Emerald Tiger, the GM will knock the door and give players a random quest. Players will be asked to collect certain number of loots or to forge a gear in a time period. Of course, players have a right to refuse the quest, but if so they will miss a chance to get a 5 million experience pearl.

Besides all the contents above, items in the Mall will be under great discount in May. Take a look at it and maybe you will find something very helpful with very low price.

To get much more information about these events of World of Kung Fu, please visit the bran-new official website

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